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Slurry Knife Gate Valves From VATAC

As a result of our never-ending desire for continual improvement, VATAC developed the KGD Type Slurry knife gate Valve.

The Slurry knife gate Valve incorporates advanced features gained from thousands of installed Slurry knife gate valves, giving you a better overall performer with additional features:

1. A more robust support disc is incorporated into the one-piece design which resists over-compression of the sleeve.

2. Internal profile of sleeve provides a pressure assist to the sealing function.

3. Sleeve profile reduces drag and provides longer service life.

4. Easier installation in a variety of pipe styles.

5. Tests show lower installation torque requirements.

6. The Slurry knife gate Valve can be installed in any existing KGD valve, allowing hassle free upgrade to the latest technology.